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Scientology just another Masonic screendoor religion to cover up rampant Satanism

The Church of Scientology works hard to keep its inner workings out of the public eye. It has hired private detectives to keep tabs on straying members, and experts say its lawyers vigorously defend against legal incursions, arguing to judges that Scientology’s beliefs are not courtroom fodder. But at a hearing last week in the […]

China and Russia’s Worst Nightmare: The B-2 Bomber Is Getting an Upgrade

Here’s What You Need to Remember: Air Force pilots of the 1980s-era stealthy B-2 Spirit bomber plan to arm the B-2 with new weapons and upgrade the aircraft to fly the aircraft on attack missions against enemy air defenses well into the 2050s, service officials said. In coming years, the B-2 will be armed with […]

Virginia military couple shot dead in cold blood outside their home, police say

https://www.foxnews.com/us/virginia-military-couple-shot-dead-in-cold-blood-outside-their-home-police-say O’Carroll identified the victims as Edward McDaniel Jr., 55, and Brenda McDaniel, 63. Both were military physicians, he said. Edward McDaniel was an active Army colonel, FOX 5 of Washington D.C. reported. Police had yet to identify the suspect or suspects who they believe killed the couple. Investigators were searching for a 2018 light-colored […]

Why Is Biden Trafficking Illegals to Red States? Covert Late Night Flights – DoD & HHS Involved

These covert operations are being coordinated with our Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS): Why Is The Biden Regime Sending Planeloads of Illegal Immigrant Minors To Red States? Why Are They Keeping Members Of Congress In The Dark About Their Covert Operations? … Where, exactly, are these illegal immigrant […]

Aussies putting a P8 ASY180 (sub hunter/ASW) over the Straits of Malacca is a direct poke at China

Aussies putting a P8 ASY180 (sub hunter/ASW) over the Straits of Malacca is a direct poke at China. The Malaccan straits are to Indo China navigation what the Panama Canal is to the Americas or the Suez Canal is to the EU. It is the prize and one of China’s main strategic objectives…more important than […]

Dominion Blames “Human Error” For Voting Machines Mislabeling Republican Ballots in PA County

Pennsylvania – Dominion Voting Systems blamed “human error” for voting machines mislabeling Luzerne County Republican ballots in last week’s primary. Republican ballots were mislabeled as Democrat ones on electronic screen at polling locations. But Dominion says it wasn’t their fault. “Dominion deeply regrets the confusion this error caused,” Nicole Nollette, the executive vice president of […]

Pornhub tycoon’s wife wants him to cut ties with the company

The wife of the billionaire owner of Pornhub’s parent company wants her husband to cut ties with the smut platform that has been mired in controversy. Priscila Bergmair told the Sunday Times that her husband, Bernd Bergmair — the 52-year-old majority owner of MindGeek — “wishes he was not in this” and expressed her “hope” […]


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Very Interesting Read –> https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2020/03/17/silence-breaks-forth-into-song/

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