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Why Is Biden Trafficking Illegals to Red States? Covert Late Night Flights – DoD & HHS Involved

These covert operations are being coordinated with our Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS):

Why Is The Biden Regime Sending Planeloads of Illegal Immigrant Minors To Red States? Why Are They Keeping Members Of Congress In The Dark About Their Covert Operations?

Where, exactly, are these illegal immigrant children being sent? Based on the stellar work by Judicial Watch, it appears that these kids are being placed in Red (majority Republican) states. The decision by the radical Demcorat Party to pack red states with illegal aliens may not shock you, but don’t worry, it gets worse…

From Judicial Watch – In an apparent effort to avoid public scrutiny, the Biden administration is transporting planeloads of illegal immigrant minors in the middle of the night then busing them to cities in the southeast.

Even members of Congress representing the impacted districts are being kept in the dark about the covert operations and the Department of Defense (DOD) is contracting big tour buses to move the migrants to nearby states once they land, presumably from the southern border region. The alarming details are featured in a well-sourced news report broadcast by a Tennessee media outlet this week. The segment—and accompanying article—features videos of planes arriving at a Chattanooga private jet terminal called Wilson Air Center. Adolescents who appear to be in their early teens are seen deboarding the planes carrying matching bags then boarding large tour busses parked on the runway.

full letter here (pdf):

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