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IMPORTANT!!!  CURRENT SITUATION, and Need Help getting this Information to the correct authorities. (Quick attempt of a brief summary for the stay at this hotel, and its very spooky “Coincidences” 

On April 2,2021- Room 126 at Wydman Braddock Inn/

(Best Western ) in La Vale, Maryland near Cumberland.  Women being abused screaming, crying, very bad. (12:00 P.M.) reported to owners wife but don’t know that she understood (Non-American Decsent// Middle Eastern)  that stood 6 rooms down the hall from the incident [ Left corridor, by room 115. [ CHECK CAMERAs] 

—— I first was caught off guard when reported two times something had been stolen in plain sight, during Daylight hours. Reporting a missing 300$ item the second time to an uninterested front desk- only then was given glasses found in the females bathroom. As I was never close to being in that facility. What strikes me as odd and Deserves immediate attention is the trafficking operation being run out the hotel. As many workers seem to quite aware through users and some employees running the ground level dealing/ and young girls, constant change of rooms/ people/ open rooms during night hours? Many strange things, but I wasn’t made fully aware of the breadth of this operation. It is very scary, as yesterday when the female who had argued was fighting with her boyfriend and I stood beside the room. Her supposed parents came in backdoor [ very sketchy, in that wore long leather coats and a unwelcoming manner. After hours of arguing, I heard a girl on phone call with man talking about selling kid? Or seeming very strange and IOUs. But then another man of this cult looking people comes and starts yelling that girl was dropped off. As before all the incidents she never spoke loud and the room was very cautious to not let the obvious yelling going at times. I was literally terrified. The ext morning the van of people take off and speak to every worker that was on the morning shift of April 3,2021. When the fight that happened today broke out, Ic ouldnt speak to  officer as he didn’t wanna hear my story though I WAS BESIDE The ROOM of this attack. The underage kid spoke very loudly about his drug addicted mother, and when he came in she was phoning supposedly (this same woman was involved with everything the night prior with other incedent). The son was very distraught with whatever he had seen in that room and had enough, as I know it sounds hard to understand but I literally experienced the same thing as this young man and could have been in his shoes.  The boy was then attacked by a worker on shift, and what is unusual is that every worker was either related and knew the kid. He was being controlled by the unit of workers. They then cleaned the room of the woman who was taken by police at around 10, and is now 12:54 , they are cleaning the room of mom). They know there is drugs, paraphaneila, and other such things, defiantly are discarding of evidence. Everything lies in the cameras that when I tried to look at the second time I was robbed, and spoke to the lead manager who screamed openly at me when I told her the severity of the need as to function in any manner. I couldn’t drive, or anything without these glasses. She proceeded to scream at me then blow me off for a customer. I then said Im calling police to take care of this matter. When police arrive, he explains to me that he couldn’t do anything and even if I could maybe recognize person that it wouldn’t be enough to do anything. As I pushed HIM to see cameras, and then proceed to speak about the very strange things taking place in the motel, I was  yelled to that my glasses had been magically found after hour of looking and every employee explaining to me they were gone. My hope is not to target any one individual but rather stop the trafficking of meth, and quite possibly human trafficking of underage prostitutes. As that was just as apparent, as the drug activity. THIS CAN ALL BE PROVEN BY CAMERAS!!

What made the police come today was a grace of God, and a true patriot. Was an off duty police officer, or a previous cop that was with his wife and was the only one to report to front desk and I think make the situation initially get the attention it otherwise would have never got. As I seen this firsthand two times when trying to get my stuff. 

This cop would substantiate some of these claims, as I never spoke to him in my life previous to the one interaction outside  my room when he said to the employees out-loud what he had heard. They both knew this was something dark, but didn’t know enough as they didn’t seem to stay long. But was necessary for this to get the initial recigonitian it needed in law enforcement. As I can only speak from experience, and not fact when saying this  but wondered myself if they were aware of the actions and somehow profiting from this.  Or, this could just be a very well kept secret that managed to stay like this for months until boiling point was hit within the user run operation. They prey on young girls, local gangs, and explicit activities to strive at the detriment of YOUR community. Hopefully you can see this as one of you relatives and not just another case of ‘coincidences’. I

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