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Happy April 1st Fellow Patriots! Let’s continue the fight, as we near the corner of our precipice point. Prayers our are cloak, so let’s come to our Lord in Love, and Grace as we have been gifted a gift that has no price, can not be bought. Dear Heavenly Father, We come to you asking for strength, guidance, and discernment in our walk with you. May it be magnified in YOUR will Father. May our leaders be lead by YOUR will, spirit in this time. We come to you seeking forgiveness for our past sins as a country, and pray to you Father that you may rebuild/ Cleanse/ direct the leaders of the land to seek peace, not innocent bloodshed. May the Love in the Spirit of your Son, Lord Jesus Christ, be the keystone in this movement as we come to you seeking deliverance, and strength in this current war. One fought in the truce sense of diversion, deceit, and murder of the Spirit rather so the body. So in these crucial times amidst our world leaders, We ask you may guide them in all decisions Father. May those who don’t have eyes to see, or ears to hear see the Truth that is in You Father. May we use this time to Walk back fully into your Presence, seeking you Father in the Grace that has been paid through our Savior Lord Jesus Christ. Glory be to You Father, in thy spirit, through our Lord Jesus Christ .

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